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CAPA: The Global Education Network

User research, user personas, information architecture, design user flows and wireframes, prototypes, tested products on real users.

Website Design



Client  /  Shawna Parker


  • Accessibility​

  • Art Direction

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Copywriting

  • Creative Ideation

  • Graphics

  • Identity Design

  • Information Architecture

  • Interaction Design

  • Interface Design

  • Layout

  • Marketing Campaigns

  • Mobile Application

  • Personas

  • Prototyping

  • Useability / Testing

  • User Research

  • Visual Design

  • Wireframing

  • Workflows

UI Design

Once the usability issues were resolved, I moved on to design the final screens in Figma. My goal was to create a visual identity that’s aligned with the brand’s values and message, which is: “brand motto”. Also, I’ve checked the competition and took a deep dive into my catalog of references for inspiration.

  • What kind of visual style did you follow and why? (Fresh, corporate, dark, light?)

  • Did you follow any popular guidelines? (Material Design, iOS Styleguide, etc?)

  • What platforms and devices did you design for?

  • How does your final design reflect your learnings about your users?



  • Auto-Animations

  • Anchor Links

  • Components & States

  • Customized Share Links

  • History Documentation

  • Plugins

  • Scroll Groups

  • Repeat Grids

  • ​Shareable Libraries

  • Stacks & Padding

  • Triggers

  • 3D Transforms

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