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User research, user personas, information architecture, design user flows and wireframes, prototypes, tested products on real users.

Website Design



Client  /  Rafael Museri 


  • Accessibility​

  • Art Direction

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Content Calendar

  • Community Management

  • Copywriting

  • Creative Ideation

  • Graphics

  • Growth Marketing

  • Identity Design

  • Influencer Strategy & Content

  • Information Architecture

  • Interaction Design

  • Interface Design

  • Layout

  • Marketing Campaigns

  • Mobile Application

  • Paid Advertisements 

  • Paid Media​

  • Personas

  • Prototyping

  • TikTok Videos

  • Useability / Testing

  • User Research

  • Visual Design

  • Wireframing

  • Workflows

User Journey

With the business goal in mind, we made sure that our users reach the checkout screen without any hiccups. So, we sketched a current-state user journey map, to identify opportunities for improvement. We identified 2 unnecessary steps and potential drop off points in the flow. By eliminating these from the new design, we ended up with a much faster checkout experience that contributed to conversion rates.

  • How and why did you choose which path/s to map?

  • How did you test and validate the map?

  • What did the journey mapping reveal?

  • What were the main pain points of the user?

  • What changed in the design due to user journey mapping?

  • TikTok


  • Auto-Animations

  • Anchor Links

  • Components & States

  • Customized Share Links

  • History Documentation

  • Plugins

  • Scroll Groups

  • Repeat Grids

  • ​Shareable Libraries

  • Stacks & Padding

  • Triggers

  • 3D Transforms


Customer Journey

We created a customer journey map to build a better understanding of how customers find and interact with the service and to discover opportunities for improvement. The map revealed many user problems and opportunities at the consideration and loyalty stages of the customer journey. Therefore, we paid special attention to these stages during the design process.

  • What did you want to find out with customer journey mapping?

  • What stages in the journey did you examine?

  • What were the main touchpoints at each step?

  • What did you suggest to resolve these pain points?

  • What new features or design changes came from mapping the customer journey?

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